Every man has a problem or challenge he is looking to solve, but often doesn't have a strategy to solve it. He needs a coach. roadmap. gameplan. pathway. map. strategic plan. father plan. husband plan. leader plan.

He needs The Fisher Method.


The Fisher Method is my creative coaching system for helping you find your way in life by using coaching & facilitation techniques that map strategic ideas and initiatives towards meaningful and purposeful goals.

Navigating Life's Journey

Finding Vision, Clarity, and Purpose

What will The Fisher Method do for you?

The Fisher Method is my transformative coaching and facilitation framework designed to guide you towards the advancement of your life goals with strategic direction. It's a partnership between you and I in crafting your future plan.

The Fisher Method will give you clarity.
Gain clarity and direction for your life, mapping out a clear path towards your desired outcomes.
The Fisher Method will give you permission to focus on you.
Tailored approach to your unique needs and aspirations.
The Fisher Method will give you structure and a process for client/coach engagement.
Gives you a structured approach that enables you to identify and prioritize your goals, while also providing ongoing support and accountability to ensure sustained progress.
The Fisher Method will simplify your confusion.
Break down complex ideas or initiatives into manageable steps, making personal growth and progress more attainable for you.
The Fisher Method will empower you.
Empowers you to develop crucial life skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, and effective communication.
The Fisher Method will equip you.
Equips you with the tools you need to navigate life’s challenges and achieve your potential.

Your Journey Begins Today!

1. Are you ready for connection and understanding?

Welcome to your transformative journey designed exclusively for men seeking a roadmap for every facet of life. As a lifeplan coach, I specialize in guiding men towards discovering a path of intentional living and unlocking their full potential. If you're yearning for clarity, peace, purpose, significance, and success in your life, relationships, family, career, and business, you've come to the right place. It's time to give yourself permission to embark on the journey of you—a journey that will spark the flame towards your personal, relational, professional, and spiritual life mission.

2. Are you ready to be the man you aspire to be?

In the hustle of everyday life, it's easy to lose sight of the man you aspire to be. As your wayfinding and lifeplan coach, my mission is to reconnect you to that vision. Together, we'll delve into the core of your values, aspirations, and strengths. We'll identify the roadblocks that hinder your progress and construct a personalized roadmap tailored to your unique journey. It's not just about finding your way; it's about becoming the competent and capable man you've always envisioned—a man who navigates life with purpose, intention, fun, and passion.

3. Are you ready to navigate life's complexities?

Life is a complex tapestry of relationships, career challenges, and personal growth? As your guide, I bring a wealth of experience and a compassionate perspective to help you navigate these complexities. Whether you're facing decisions in your career, seeking fulfillment in your relationships, or striving for balance in your personal life, my coaching sessions will provide you with the tools and insights needed to make informed choices that create lasting positive change.

4. Are you ready for success and significance?

We all want success, but success is more than just achieving goals; it's also about finding significance and impact. Together, we'll redefine success on your terms, aligning your actions with your deepest values. Imagine a life where success is not only measured by external achievements but also by the profound sense of meaning and fulfillment that resonates within. This is the journey we'll embark on—a journey that transcends the ordinary and propels you towards a life of true significance.

5. Are you ready to create the roadmap to your best self?

Can you imagine a roadmap tailored to your journey. A guide to becoming the man you aspire to be. As your personal coach, I provide more than just advice and strategy, but I show you how to do it for yourself. I offer a transformative experience. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery together, unlocking your competencies that will make you a capable, confident, and purpose-focused man.

6. Are you ready to think and act more strategically?

The next chapter of your life begins with a choice. A choice to think and act strategically. Once you've become self-aware of your values, strengths and aspirations, you can begin making clear decisions that have immediate impact and healthy long-term outcomes. It's time to embrace a proactive mindset where you have authority over your life and decrease a drifting mindset.

"You cannot influence who you do not inspire"

"As a man, it's time to recognize your leadership influence and live into the creative and inspired-man that you are. It's time to design your life in a way that calls out the best of you so that you can draw out the best in others.

- Anthony Fisher, M.Ed.

In order to find your way, every man needs to ask himself 4 Questions

The 4 Questions to Wayfinding

#1: Where am I today?
#2: Where am I going?
#3: How do I get there?
#4: How do I thrive there?

My manifesto for purpose-driven leaders

The Flame Within! Manifesto

The Flame Within! is the audacious commitment to yourself to live life in a passionate and purposeful way by exercising your gifts and abilities to the fullest and showcasing them most powerfully to the world.

The Flame Within! is your life’s statement that says “This is Who I Am”,”This is What I Do” and “This is What I Offer”.

The Flame Within! is the commitment to create a body of work with focus and intention so that people know who you are and what you stand for.

The Flame Within! is the understanding and personal conviction that you were placed upon this earth by God to create something, to communicate something, to execute something, to make a difference in someone’s life and to express that commitment in everything you say and do.

The Flame Within! is turning your spark into a flame, your flame into a torch and your torch into a burning call to action for your life.

The Flame Within! is “You accepting you” and taking the initiative and responsibility to get your voice and message heard and make an impact in the world.

The Flame Within! is you not settling for less, but expecting more from yourself. It’s about leading yourself to the potential that lives within you.

 It’s time to light your flame within!

What separates me from all other coaches?

As a man, husband, father, and experienced professional with a diverse background in leadership and creative design, I bring a unique perspective to problem-solving and action plan facilitation. With 25+ years of experience working in corporate, software, healthcare, higher education, and non-profit leadership; as well as owning a digital design agency, I've obtained the knowledge and skills in strategic thinking, design thinking, and people management. I see the connectedness that experience and education brings in developing a man's leadership influence and potential at home, work, and business.

Anthony Fisher, M.Ed.

Wayfinding Coach for Men, Husbands, Fathers, and Leaders

Qualifications & Experience

I am a Life & Career Coach, Certified Master Workshopper & Facilitator

I am an experienced leader in  user experience, research, design, strategic marketing, communications, storytelling, and coaching. Learn more about my vocational experience.

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