Leadership Coach & Wayfinding Facilitator

Every man needs a coach. life plan. strategy. pathway. game plan. work plan. roadmap. father plan. husband plan. leader plan.

Every man must ask and answer 5 questions if he wants to lead himself, his family, and his work well.

1. Who am I?

Identity Question

2. Where am I?

Awareness Question

3. Where am I going?

Vision Question

4. How do I get there?

Strategy Question

5. How do I thrive there?

Fulfillment Question

Journey with me to become the man, husband, father, and leader you desire to be?

My coaching and facilitation can support you in these areas.

  • Do you want to draw closer to God?
  • Are you seeking to enhance your leadership skills?
  • Are you a husband striving to be a better leader at home?
  • Are you a father aiming to improve communications with your children?
  • Do you desire to live life more fully with purpose and intention?
  • Are you a husband and father desiring a positive and life-giving relationship with your wife and children?
  • Are you seeking clarity in life?
  • Are you struggling balancing work and family responsibilities?
  • Are you struggling with direction, identity, and purpose?
  • Are you struggling with new and ongoing responsibilities as a father?
  • Are you stressed and worried about your family and your career?
  • Do you desire to integrate your faith into your leadership?
  • Do you desire to live a holistic life at home, work, and in business?
  • Do you desire to develop a vision for your life, family, and vocation?
  • Do you desire to improve your leadership skills in your personal and professional life?
  • Do you desire to identify and exercise your strengths and gifts?

About me. What I do.

I teach men, husbands, and fathers how to discover and unlock their leadership potential at home, work, and in business.

Ways I serve.



Acquire knowledge, wisdom, and skills to unlock your leadership potential.



Unlock your leadership potential through individual and group coaching.



Sharing my thoughts and the stories of men as they live their life's journey.

The Branding Men Podcast

Where men share their unique stories and journeys toward manhood, marriage, fatherhood, career, faith, leadership, and the process of living out their life purpose.

Praise from clients

A few testimonials of men who have graciously shared how I have impacted their life.

The Brand of a Man Course

Discover Your Leadership Influence as a Man, Husband, and Father.